Choosing to eat locally is more than a passing fad. It’s a lifestyle that gives you access to healthy food that comes with a relationship to the farmer that has produced your food. It is environmental responsibility as you are choosing to eat without imposing a large carbon footprint and choosing from local farmers who are environmental stewards of their land. You are also choosing economic responsibility, as the dollars you spend on food are kept in circulation within your local community, rather than being sent off to some corporate headquarters in some far-off state or nation.

But what is really wonderful about eating locally is the high quality of the foods you will find right in your own backyard! Farmers are highly skilled in creating healthy, nutritious and flavorful foods and proud to present them to you and your family. You can find these farmers in your local farmers markets each week, sometimes year round!

We encourage your to seek out local farmers markets and start, or expand, your journey to eating more locally. We have created this website to help you find farmers markets in all corners of New York State. We also have recipes, hints, tips and other resources that will help to make your trips to the farmers markets and your use of locally produced foods more successful. Browse through the website and learn more about the diversity, availability and quality of local foods throughout every community across our state.